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Some Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Although distance learning may seem as the latest trend today, it still has its own disadvantages. Students who avail of this program may not be working on their optimal level. They may study and at the same time play online games in which of course, distracts them. The quality of some online videos may also affect the learning of the student. Some videos may be blurred wherein students can’t understand the things being taught to them. Other students may also let their parents or anyone they know to make their online examinations and assignments for them. The problem here is that we are not really sure if it is the person’s true ability is what we are measuring.
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The Emergence of Distance Learning

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Distance Learning first started around 1728 wherein one advertisement posted in a newspaper was seeking for students who would wish to be sent lessons weekly. This advertisement was embraced by most of the people. Since then, there are a lot of universities who offer distance-learning programs. The very first university that offered distance-learning programs is the University of London. Many universities around the globe also tried distance learning to be a part of their curriculum and it gained success. Online courses are also being offered and millions of people are coming up to it.
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Technology and Distance Learning

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Distance Learning, a system design which offers education not on a typical classroom setting or what is called a traditional campus. With the emerging technology nowadays, almost anyone could avail of the distance learning program. Those who would wish to avail this program would still have to take qualifying examinations thru internet or is sent by them thru their e-mail. Examples of technologies that are widely used in this type of learning are the use of recorded videos, message board forums, web conferencing as well as the most popular which is the e-mail.
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